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The future
combined with
the present
Our Champagnes

The principle that leads us and builds the identity of our range is to translate the expression of our terroir by accompanying the full revelation of its natural predispositions.

Fixed in the present, it is with an eye on the future that we have escorted the making of each of our vintages. So many different interpretations but complementary of the ‘D theory’ that we invite you to discover, in a world that redefines at leisure our connection with space and time.

du genre

80 % Meunier, 20 % Chardonnay.

Two emblematic grape varieties of our House, remarkable for their abilities, represented here in the DNA cuvée of the D theory (Dérot-Delugny), symbol of its continual adaptation. Result: the first reference, for any occasion, greedy, federative and versatile.

Cuvée Champagne - Premier du Genre


50 % Pinot Noir, 50 % Chardonnay.

This is an interesting combination which is formed by two significant grape varieties for our family, patiently accompanied towards a beautiful complementarity.

Result: the roundness, the opulence and the complexity characterize the whole thus constituted.


100 % Meunier.

Under the influence of this unique and exclusive grape variety, this Blancs de Noirs stands out by its great adaptability, both in the vineyard and in the glass during a tasting.

Result: a dominant, rich, and dense pastry character given by the greed and generosity of the Meunier.

Cuvée Champagne - Milieu Naturel
Cuvée Champagne - Hors Pair

Hors Pair

100 % Chardonnay.

The expression of a grape variety of focus, which arrived on the land of Crouttes-sur-Marne, thanks to the wise intuition of our grandfather Bernard Dérot.

Result: a Blanc de Blancs with rich and sharp accents of lime, citruses, and ginger, representative of the family’s readiness to change.

En avant

100 % Pinot Gris.

Judiciously introduced by the founders of the family, this old grape variety is put up to date in a tribute to the origins of our family.

Result: Past, present, and future challenge the boundaries of space and time in this atypical cuvée with a fresh and spicy tone.

Cuvée Champagne - Retour en avant
Cuvée Champagne - Bissextile


43 % Chardonnay, 43 % Meunier, 14 % Pinot Noir.

Intransigent on the parameters contributing to its elaboration, its quality makes it rare.

The stars are aligned to elaborate this blended Rosé! At the base of its precious red wine, a plot of old vines ideally located, only harvested in the best years, and exclusively vinified in barrels.

Result: an elegant, spicy and warm personality, with extra structure, density, and bold styling.

Histoire de temps


50 % Chardonnay, 50 % Meunier.

What’s a year on the scale of a century or even of the human species? A short history of time to which we wanted to give all our humility.

Result: A warm and luminous vintage, the convergence of an exceptional year and perfect maturity, where Chardonnay and Meunier play with a beautiful exotic, cookie and nutty complexity.

Cuvée Champagne - Histoire du Temps

Coteaux Champenois

100 % Meunier

Intransigent on the parameters contributing to its elaboration, its quality makes it rare.

The boldness of an exercise carried out around the expressiveness of a year, standing out by its extraordinary performance. An accomplished wine where, without excess, the woodiness highlights the Meunier in a pleasurable dimension.

Result: the compatibility of the energy and freshness in the service of a versatile and accessible tasting.